How to Avoid Self-Destructive Behavior and Grow Leadership

How to avoid Self-Destructive behavior as a successful human being? You may have noticed that in the past when you expressed an intention to accomplish something or take action , people reacted in a certain way. It might be tough to reject the advice and opinions of your closest friends or family members, especially if they have your best interests at heart.  Unfortunately, people's perceptions are heavily influenced by their own experiences and realities; yet, what didn't work for one person doesn't always indicate it won't work for another. Making the decision to go despite is both courageous and crucial. To learn new things, we must all make errors. I recall being humiliated if I made a mistake when I first started out in my profession, because I was frequently dealing with extremely senior managers, and the shame would be enough to guarantee that I didn't do it again! On reflection, I consider how many mistakes I've made, people I may have offended, and pe
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